1-Hour Critique

Several times each month, Kevin meets with a publisher (or staff) to look over a newspaper and offer suggestions for improvement. The process works like this:
• Publisher contacts Kevin to arrange an online meeting date
• Publisher sends printed copies of newspaper to Kevin
• Kevin goes over newspapers for 2-3 hours, looking for areas of improvement
• Kevin meets with publisher (and staff) to go over his findings.

Newspaper Redesign Service

Kevin works with 5-6 newspapers each year to totally redesign their publications. The result is not limited to a more pleasing publication but almost always results in significant increases in subscribers/readership and ad revenue. The redesign process generally takes about two months, beginning with meetings between Kevin, the newspaper management, and staff. Beginning with a new Nameplate/Flag, Kevin stays in close contact with the client through each step of the process. Two months later, the redesign is ready and Kevin will be right there – in person or online – during the creation of the first issue.

Staff Training

Kevin has trained thousands of newspapers and is still in great demand to work in all areas of the newspaper business. Kevin works with papers in-person and on-site. He often leads software and design training. Many newspapers ask Kevin to lead them through workflow issues to find more efficient ways to produce their publications.

Advice, Coaching, & Consulting

Publishers often contact Kevin to discuss a specific issue or problem. Some meet online with Kevin on a weekly or monthly basis.

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